My Simple Makeup Look

Hello strawberries! I'm back to Youtube with my new makeup video!
I always want to film a makeup video on my YouTube channel but I didn't film it because I have no confident to talk infront of the camera. I will work hard on it so that I can make more videos on my Youtube channel *sob sob*

*Click here for full video*

By the way this makeup is super simple and easy for daily look. My makeup skills is just so-so but I hope this video can helps makeup beginner to do their makeup in easy way. If you have any questions, suggestion, criticism or anything you wanna to let me know please comment down my video below & I will reply it one by one :)

Just in case if you're lazy or don't even want to watch my video, here's the products detail that I used in this video to create this look!

Product details:
1. CNP Laboratory Mugener Ampule
2. It's My Cushion 
(it is a DIY cushion mixed with Tony Moly Aura BB Cream+ Dr. Morita Moisturizer Cream)
3. Witch's Perfect Pouch Prefect Selfie Concealer
 4. Kate Designing Eyebrow N
5. Canmake Four Shiny Eyes #01 Strawberry Chocolate
6. Etude House Play 101 Pencil Snowy Dessert #75
7. SilkyGirl Magic BB Foundation Powder
8. Etude House Play 101 Stick #3
9.DHC Lip Cream
10. Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet #7 Plum Plum Pidou




My Diet Story

Oh hello everyone I'm back again!
It's been a long time since I talked about my personal things *coz my life is just bored lol*
By the way I assumed that every girl dream to be skinny(I mean the healthy look type not skeleton), including myself.
*I wish I can be like her wwww. By the way she is Mizukitty, my favourite Japanese model, how can she be so cute and pretty at the same time TT*
As everyone who always saw me will know that I actually look very chubby(connotation of fat) especially my super round moon face and my upper body*waist and my armpit is just ....OTZ*
I have been struggle in this problem for 2 years because of my stupid disease and I always feel very embarrassing and depressed when my relative keep laughing at me.

I have no idea what am I going to do. I just keep crying when people laugh at me *imma cries baby*
My parents worried about me and they tried to give me motivation but sometimes I still very emotional until one day I already get enough!

I decided to lose weight and below are the situation that I have meet before.

I'm sure for those who have sweet tooth will having this problem, I suppose to say goodbye to sweet stuffs but sometimes I really can't do itTT

This is what I'm doing right now lol...I find out it is works but when you urgent need money to buy some important things then....


Another funny situation when I started diet, but now I didn't have this kind of mind anymore haha

and the last is...


This always happen and as the results...DIET PLAN GONE wwwww

I feel very hard to achieve my target and I will feel 'pekcek' too if someone don't allow me to eat anything that I want.I found out that this diet plan also useless for me because it also makes me suffer...(eg:eat and gain, lost weight and eat again and gain...*like non-stop cycle*)

Until last few month I decided to change my diet plan again and this time is based on what I really want to do and not forcing myself to eat like vegan and guess what?

I lose 5kg in 2 months!!!!!!*from 61kg to 56kg, but still haven't achieve my target yet, and YES I'm That FAT lol*

It really works!(but still look chubby maybe need take some time haizz) and I feel really happy while I was on diet since I did not force myself to fasting and ya I still eat sweet stuff! I eat everything but on moderation. By the way here are the small tips that I want to share with strawberries who have this situation too.
(ps: I'm not the profession diet planner I just share my diet way for everyone as reference, it might not works for some people)

1. Breakfast is the most important of the meal,in our daily life since it gives us energy, reduce obesity(yes it is!), high blood disease and heart disease*depends on what you eat* so please do not skip it!!! *just in case if you really don't want to eat anything at least drink Milo,oat or eat yogurt(plain) mix with fruits or oat*

2. Avoid eat carb and salty/oily dish for dinner. I'm not saying that not to eat but just try to not eat much for dinner because most of the people less activities at night and we don't need so much energy *except ppl who work out at night or overtime work* and it will cause your stomach more acid and it can make its way to the esophagus. So eat less and let stomach not work as hard or as long.

3. If you eat outside all the time, I can suggest you to eat mee hun(compare with other noodles this is less calories), economy rice(choose as many vege as possible), Chee Chong Fun(without many sauce and not choose oily fried stuffs), and even at mamak you also can eat Tosai Rawa!!

4. Drink more green tea since it helps in digestion*I drink Matcha every single day*.

5. Avoid to drink water at night, it might cause water retention.

6. Eat what you want for morning and afternoon, but don't excess... I eat fried rice, big bowl of noodles, sometimes even craving for desserts however I will just skip my dinner directly or only eat vege/drink herbal soup.

7. Drink smoothies, mix all the fruits and drink it! Just as simple as that! BUTT if you're a lazy person like me lol you maybe can try out this!
*I tried it before and the taste is just so goooddddddd*

8. Do more exercise!! It is not really necessary that you should work out at gym but you can work at home~ You can try to google it and actually there is a lot of exercise you can do it at home too!*so no more excuse for can't afford the fitness cost and bla bla bla...*
9. Lastly... NO FASTING!! This is not good for your health and please please don't do it, we must lose weight in a 2H way(HAPPY+HEALTHY)!

Before the end of the post, I have somelovely♥ words to advise...
Be Positive, Have Strong Will, and Most Importantly... Discipline!

and I hope that my tips can help everyone who wish to lose weight(do not attempt to follow if you disagree my diet way) and if you have any questions and your experience that you wish to share with me all you need to do is just comment down below and I will check out and reply it^^.