UNBOXING+REVIEW | BHK's Whitening Vitamin C (光萃维他命C)

Harlow strawberries!
This time I decided to share about a health supplement that I have consumed recently.
Honestly, I am not much familiar with any health care products since I rarely consume it but this time I put a lot of effort for this unboxing & review & I can't wait to share about it!

BHK is a well known health care product brand in Taiwan, you can saw a lot of Taiwanese famous artists and beauty bloggers are BHK's loyal consumers and they always recommended BHK supplements on social medias too.There are many types of health supplements in BHK such as Vitamin B+ Ferrochel Iron, Deep Collagen & Glutathione and more.However, I choose BHK's Whitening Vitamin C for myself since it is essentials nutrient for our body & I also rarely to eat fruits too :(

BHK's Whitening Vitamin C has 2 types of packaging, either bottle or bag.
I received it in bag packaging which is super convenient for me to put into my bag and just go!

Super attractive yellow packaging!

Ingredients have stated at the back of packaging.
One bag comes in 30 tablets. Each bag can consume for 1 month.

This is how their tablets looks like.
*I actually found out that it really looks like panadol haha*

SO you might be asking what's the difference of this Vitamin C compared with other brands & what's the benefits? I will answer it now!
The special features of this BHK's Whitening Vitamin C is their tablets have double layer which helps to supply energy immediately and also continue sustained release to maintain whitening.

For people who don't even know what is Vitamin C, I assume that you know there are some fruits have rich source of Vitamin C such as orange, lemon and more.

Vitamin C helps to:
fights skin aging, essential for body to make collagen,and most importantly is to improve your metabolism and clean out body waste!

Each tablets contain very high Vitamin C, therefore it is already enough for normal people to consume one daily.
As you can see in the photo, one tablet is equal to 180 cherry tomatoes, 9 oranges, 40 strawberries and 8 kiwi! Can you imagine you're consuming so many fruits in the same time?!

Still, you can only consume maximum 2 tablet daily. Eat much doesn't mean that it is more effective and good for health lol.

I'm now trying to force myself to consume it daily. I found out that their tablets doesn't have any bitter taste & this is what I really glad about *laugh*. Since it is a health supplement & it need to take long term consumption to see results. So far I only consumed for 1 weeks but I hope that I can see the more obvious results after one month.

*By the way I will update my results here so pls pls pls stay tuned!*

If you are interested to purchase BHK's Whitening Vitamin C you can click the link HERE or check out 好物飞行Hawooo.com for more BHK's products!
I can't wait to share the results with all of you!!

Lets Stay Healthy Together,


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